Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Surrendering Your Own Pride

Published: 04th January 2010
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How many times have you watched this play out with your friends: a long term relationship comes to an end and the man quickly takes up a new girlfriend or otherwise moves forward. Instead of moving on herself, the woman remains intensely attached to the ex and the severed relationship. She obsesses about how to win her ex boyfriend back. She grovels, pleads, and stalks him online and offline. In the end, she gets what she wants and wins him back, only she must submit to certain rules which compromise her personality and her own goals.

What all of us women need to discover is how to get an ex boyfriend back while keeping our own dignity and pride in place. To avoid making these missteps in your own life, become familiar with the two biggest ways women surrender themselves while trying to get their ex boyfriend back.

Begging and Pleading

You are surrendering your own pride when you resort to hysterical crying, pouting, constant nagging, or even begging in public just to get your ex boyfriend back. When you allow the immense pain and grief of the severed relationship to take over your senses and reduce yourself to behaving like a baby or madwoman without control, you are not likely to win your ex boyfriend are more likely to push him further away!

The best method to win your ex boyfriend back is not to let him think you are desperate. You may feel as if your life is nothing without him or as if you can't function without him, but that is the last thing you want him to think. You are handing him all the power in the relationship when you grovel because he knows he can make unfair demands and you are likely to accept just to win back the relationship. That leads to the second way women routinely lose themselves while chasing after an ex...

Relationship Concessions

Often, a relationship is reunited because one person agreed to make certain changes about their personality or lifestyle. Someone who loves hanging out with her friends may promise to stop attending girl's night out. Some men may even require a woman to give up friends he doesn't trust to rekindle the relationship. These concessions are dangerous because they give away a part of the woman which will only lead to unhappiness and resentment which will eventually force the relationship to break off again.

If you can discover how to get your ex boyfriend back without giving up any part of yourself (and that includes your power and pride), the rekindled relationship will have a stronger chance of actually lasting.

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